Board Meeting Minutes – July 2014


(July 23, 2014 Bogart’s Bar and Grill)

Attendees: David Storey, Dave Kelly, Reba Strong, Hunter Gaul, Jim Capobianco,

Ryan Adamowicz, Dave Hale, Jack Schultz, Ed Winkens, and Ed Schmitt

Upcoming Activity Schedule:

* The Board is pleased to announce that Joshua Jay will be lecturing for us at

our September 8th

* Dave Kelly offered to organize an program on “Stage Management and

Routining” for our October 13th

participating in this program should contact Dave (610-541-0221).

* Ed Winkens volunteered to set up an evening devoted to “Body Loads and

Steals” for our November 10th

contributing to this program should be in touch with Ed (215-776-9507).

* The Board determined that the proposed Holiday/Fundraiser Show, a mix

of music and magic produced in cooperation with C.C. Hancock Methodist

Church, will require additional planning in order to better understand how

the show will be structured. A meeting with Diane Longnecker, the church

secretary, will be set up soon in order to resolve production details.

Internal Issues

* There is a need for members to forward pictures (via e-mail) taken at

meetings to Al Angello ( so Al can post photos on

the IBM Ring #6 Facebook page.

* Dave Hale announced that our web site,,

will be undergoing a layout upgrade making the site more attractive,

easier to navigate, and more convenient to update. Dave expects the

revised web site will be operational by September 2014. In addition, the

most current versions (November 2013) of our ByLaws and Constitution

documents will be posted on the present site along with our most current

membership list.

* The Board agreed best way to provide club members with membership list

updates is simply to publish dated membership lists (via e-mail) as

new members join.


General Concerns/Club Improvements:

* In view of the upcoming officer nominations in October, and the election in

November, the Board thought it appropriate that a “Nomination/Election

Committee” be established to coordinate proceedings. Reba Strong

graciously offered to chair the committee, and any club member interested

in assisting Reba should contact her (610-649-4541). Additionally, any

member who knows of someone interested in being nominated for an

office should let Reba know as soon as possible.

* The Board determined that costs incurred to “treat” a visiting lecturer to

dinner should be considered a reimbursable expense payable to the host

upon presentation of a paid receipt.

* In an effort to present our image in a manner more congenial to “tech

minded” prospective members, Dave Hale offered to edit performance

clips (not effect explanations) from our “Great Tricks from Ring 6” DVD and

post them on the web site. Additional performance clips from other IBM

Ring #6 members will be welcomed for the same purpose. Contact Dave

(610-209- 0199).

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