April Meeting Cancelled

It will not come as a surprise to know that your Executive Board has decided to cancel April’s meeting.  With everything evolving as quickly as it has, and with the situation escalating significantly almost by the moment, we believe this to be the only prudent action we can take on your behalf.

The initial plan was to have our Close-Up competition at this meeting; we’re going to push it back to a meeting later this year, possibly in August.  I’m going to be notifying our judges that while we appreciate their willingness to take part, we’re just not going to do it in April.

As always, please feel free to reach out to any of your Board members if you have any questions.  Thanks for understanding, and above all else…stay healthy.

Steve Friedberg

IBM Ring 6 / Delaware Valley Conjurors Club

Meeting Location

First Presbyterian Church of Springfield

356 Summit Rd.

Springfield, PA  19064

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