May 2015

David Storey discussed the club’s website and the opportunity for all members to post their profile on it as well as links to their own Web sites. He also talked about Paul Rooney’s generous legacy to the club, the sale of which has raised over $2,000. Sue McElvenney discussed the results of last month’s auction and the club’s financial status.

This was the night of our annual Stage Contest. Dick Gustafson kicked off the night with a fascinating story entitled, “Crime Does Not Pay.” Will legerdemain triumph over larceny? It was flawless magic and superb acting set to verse with musical accompaniment.

Ed Schmitt’s performance of “Magical Telekinesis” might have gone awry. What was in the box? Another box and yet another. Surely the ring would be found in the sealed bag but what was in that bag but another and then another – all hermetically sealed. All that glitters is not gold but Ed’s performance was golden when the lost ring was found in the most impossible of all places.

Bill McElvenney presented his rope routine entitled: “Professor’s Confusion” a tale of magic from books – literally. His unusual retelling of the “Professor’s Nightmare” including an astounding restoration in the spectator’s hand and ended with a transformation in full view of the audience.

Aurelio Pontarelli played host to a magical quiz show. Randomly selected questions went to the two contestants but somehow one got all the softballs but poor Jeff got all the questions that would have stumped a Nobel Laureate.

Hunter Gaul demonstrated the ability of the mind to manipulate time, space, matter, and numbers. Not only did he make flawless ESP predictions but his insights flashed visibly from his brain to the cards.

Reba Strong transformed a silk to cane followed by pulling all manner of impossible objects from an empty box. Her laugh-filled routine produced everything but the kitchen sink. You know what they say, “Give a magician enough rope and he’ll cut it in half.” That’s just what she did with a hilarious restoration.

Ari Felber performed an astounding mentalism routine. From cards which not only uniquely matched the prediction to mind reading topped off with a sealed prediction of randomly selected colors.

The contest winners were: first place Ari Felber, second place Dick Gustafson, and third place Bill McElvenney

Bill McElvenney