April 2016

Aurelio Ponterelli spoke about efforts to increase membership and addressed some concerns about the direction the club has taken in recent months. It was agreed that we would have an extended business meeting next month to allow all members to have a say, and a chance to bring new ideas to the table.

Our President, David Storey, emphasized the need for everyone to find a way to become more involved.

This month’s lecturer was Mike Hummer who had been a long time demonstrator for Al Cohen’s Magic Shop in Washington, D.C. Mike covered a range of close-up magical effects. All were entertaining with well thought out routines, and none required difficult sleights.

He opened with a dollar bill which transformed into ever larger denominations with amazing skill and showmanship. His “Hummer Stunner” produced a very surprising “Card in Wallet” effect with a fiendishly simple method. He went on to perform a very clean multiple coin production which lead into a “Matrix” effect. There were also a number of gambling tricks: “Chase the Ace” and “The Shell Game,” as well as a deceptively simple “Chop Cup” routine. His lecture not only demonstrated great magical effects but also gave very useful advice on presentation.

Hunter Gaul talked about next month’s program, “The Frankentrick,” in which members will perform magic with an eclectic variety of ordinary items. It looks like a great challenge to our magic skill and creativity.

Bill McElvenney