April 2017

Chris Fabiano proposed that we incorporate Teach-A-Trick in our meetings. They will begin with our June meeting.

This was the night of our annual Stage Contest. Reba Strong led off with “Making Ends Meet,” a truly colorful “Professor’s Nightmare.” Mimi Szalabofka put safety first. Traffic lights turning color is part of everyday life, but Mimi’s magic brought astounding transformations to life. Chris Fabiano’s musical performance commenced with a masterful “Linking Ring” routine and ended with some very visual transformations. Steve Applebaum gave a demonstration of the numerical mysteries of four different restaurants with four randomly selected dinner courses.

The contest winners were: First place Chris Fabiano, Second place Mimi Szalabofka, and Reba Strong third place.

Next month, Chris Fabiano is presenting a lecture on mentalism. Chris is renowned throughout the Delaware Valley for his mentalism and it should be a wonderful experience for all.

Chris Fabiano