April 2018

We started with a welcome back and thank you for Jim Capobianco who has done a yeoman’s work on our club fundraisers. We also recognized Bob Little who is to be awarded Magician of the Year in New York.

This was the night of our annual Stage Contest. Bill McElvenney started with a tale of patriotism and magic with “Houdini’s Impossible Escape.” Next his assistants Dave Kelly and Dan Cashin, promised to tie him so tight, his eyes would pop. They were true to their words. Alas, Bill was no Houdini, but this was not Houdini’s Impossible Escape. This was “McElvenney’s Impossible Capture” leaving the cup inexplicably tied to the rope. Mimi Szalabofka performed an engaging puppet routine showing the magical effects of healthy eating with an amazing ending.

Would three ropes be enough to contain Reba Strong’s magic? Not really, her classic of magic was given new life with a completely unexpected transformation. With the grace of a suspension bridge, Joe Tabasco’s rope was in full view of the audience. Complete with musical accompaniment, multiple cuts throughout it’s length and, with the same grace, were magically restored. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but Joe McHugh brought Vegas to Springfield with a dazzling display of magic featuring cards, dice, and roulette. And how could it be Vegas without a dazzling musical revue?

The contest winners were: First place Bill McElvenney, Second place Reba Strong, and third place Joe Tabasco.

Next month, we are featuring a lecture by David Corsaro, a highlight of Magi-fest and the Japan Cup in Tokyo. The focus will be on close-up magic using cards, coins, and napkins. He will also bring his insights gained from twenty years of professional marketing.

Bill McElvenney