August 2015

Tonight was our annual restaurant night – good food, great company, and outstanding magic. Mimi the Children’s Magician did a fantastic cut and restored newspaper. No matter how the paper was cut, it remained one piece. Sue McElvenney promised that her effect would be short and sweet. She made a balloon apple and gave it to Bill. He found a packet of sugar in the apple but for a healthier snack with a little magic, he transformed the balloon apple to a real apple in full view of the audience.

Steve Applebaum’s prediction was based on a randomly-selected number matched with randomly-selected menu items from two different volunteers. Ed Schmidt’s volunteer picked a card at random. On the backs of all the cards were the names of 52 super heroes. Who was the volunteer’s favorite super hero? Superman – the exact name on the back of the selected card. It didn’t end there. The audience was amazed when Ed jumped up on the table to show everyone his Superman socks.

Reba Strong performed the classic “Grandmother’s Necklace” with a special touch. The transformation was completely in the spectator’s hands. Chris Fabiano linked minds of two volunteers to receive the transmission of the selected card. Our young guest, Joseph Johnson, produced a selected card from the deck after it had been fully shuffled by the volunteer.

Dick Gustafson borrowed a deck of cards. It was passed around the audience without his touching it and he identified the cards selected by all four volunteers. Marc DeSouza transformed a silk in a way that left the audience wanting some more. What did the silk become? S’mores. Marc finished with an invisible coin routine that was pure poetry in motion.

Hunter Gaul topped off the night by asking someone to name any card. What was the only card missing from the deck? The selected card of course followed by a magical production.

Next month’s lecture is by John Tudor on acting and showmanship in magic.

Bill McElvenney