August 2016

Tonight was our annual Restaurant Night – good food, great company, and outstanding magic. David Storey wove a tale of thwarting pickpockets with Chinese coins. Mimi the Magnificent performed a great mentalism routine with Art the pirate. Jim Capobianco used a Rubik’s Cube to make surprising card predictions. Steve Applebaum told a tale of forgery to produce a signed card. Jack Schultz performed an amazing feat of mentalism by reading three minds at once. Sue McElvenney made sure that Bill eats right by not only changing a can of pudding into chicken soup, but by removing the salt right through the can. Hunter Gaul conjured the spirit of Rasputin to manipulate time.

Dick Gustafson performed a truly magnificent silk routine followed by a feat of mentalism in which he at no time even touched the deck. Chris Fabiano brought back memories of spring and in doing so produced an actual spring. Reba Strong’s deck of cards actually announced the location of the chosen card. Froy San Pedro’s very surprising close-up trick was reminiscent of the parting of the Red Sea.

Chris Fabiano announced next month’s event – Session Night. Members will bring an effect they’re working on and the rest of the club will collaborate on perfecting it.

David Storey