August 2017

Tonight was our annual Restaurant Night, good food, great company, and outstanding magic.

Joe McHugh reprised his Godfather persona and made an offer you couldn’t refuse with an astounding match to business cards. David Hale’s prediction rose out of the deck in full view. Bill McElvenney’s grandson wanted to learn magic, but needed a lesson in patience first as a picture of a lemon transformed into the real thing. John Kostyal amazed the audience with randomly selected cards matching the serial number of a randomly selected dollar bill.

Hunter Gaul’s effect questioned whether free will or fate determines the course of our lives. Steve Applebaum’s performance examined a great epidemic and his magic illustrated how a simple improvement saved countless lives.

George Hample’s almanac of cards correctly predicted a completely random selection. Dave Kelly gave an impressively choreographed silk routine in which knots not only appeared and disappeared but also even changed color.

Dick Gustafson’s aces wove a tale of magical history in which cards rearranged themselves in a clear plastic container. Chris Fabiano performed an unusual book test with a surprise prediction that was revealed in an astonishing way.

Reba Strong tested not only the buying power of the dollar but its magical durability.

Joe Tabasco used larger and larger playing cards to lead to an “Apex of Aces.”

Bill McElvenney