August 2018

Tonight, was our annual Restaurant Night – good food, great company and outstanding magic.

Reba Strong started off with an amazing penetration right through the volunteer’s hands.  Dick Gustafson regaled us with his truly baffling domino routine followed by a very clever silk routine. Joe Tabasco’s lucky numbers found the spectator’s cards.  Bill McElvenney performed Two Hearts Magic – you can’t put a ball inside a balloon … unless you use magic.  He followed up with Albuquerque – an effect so audacious he claims that it is illegal in 32 states. 

Ed Schmitt presented a fascinating rising card in which the selected card visibly rose in a drawing.  Bill Bowersox performed a stunning solid through glass effect.  Our guest, Mystique performed an incredible card effect with an ending that was not only surprising but hilarious.

Next month’s much anticipated speaker is Eric Stevens

Steve Applebaum