August 2019

Tonight, was our annual Restaurant Night – good food, great company and outstanding magic.

Bill McElvenney and his grandson, Alexander Hammel opened with an amazing color change. Marc DeSouza magically transported cards across time and space. Reba Strong performed a superb Nanna’s Necklace but even more astonishingly it was done completely within the spectator’s hands.  Nick Verna turned a dollar bill inside out while still in the spectator’s hand. Steve Friedberg magically transformed cards into aces.  Bob Fostok performed Stigmata in which the spectator’s secret appeared on his arm – a truly stunning effect.

Mark Bruley with superb showmanship threw the freely selected number of knots onto a rope.  David Hale spelled to the selected card in a thoroughly shuffled deck.  Dave Kelly told a tale of a noodle maker with a very surprising twist on the Professor’s Nightmare

Next month’s much anticipated speaker is Francis Menotti, an outstanding magician who fooled Penn and Teller.

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