December 2016

Our outgoing President, David Storey thanked everyone for their efforts throughout the two years of his tenure, and introduced the new President, Chris Fabiano. After a few announcements, including the news that our own Bob Little will be performing at the Magic Castle on Sunday December 18, he welcomed members and guests to our annual Holiday Party. Great food, great company and great magic! Reba and Sunflower did a magnificent job with the food and Sue McElvenney provided stunning balloon decorations. Steve Black took our club picture.

Hunter Gaul opened with the tale of the Christmas Krampus; fortunately the spectator had been very good this year and correctly located the hidden prize. John Kostyal collected a prize from her randomly selected purse. Jim Capobianco performed a stunning feat of mentalism. Chris Fabiano not only knows when you’re naughty or nice but every thought in your head with his stellar mind reading.

Sue McElvenney challenged her husband Bill to perform real magic. Finally the Cheshire Cat disappeared right before her very eyes.

Mark Bruley regaled us with his fantastic rope magic, amazing penetrations, productions, and disappearances with audience participation. Mimi the Magnificent had a true fairy tale ending. True love’s kiss turned the frog into a prince.

Steve Black brought new life to the Chinese linking rings by performing them with a volunteer from the audience.

Next month’s lecturer will be Devin Knight. For those paying their annual dues, no admission fee will be charged.

Bill McElvenney