December 2017

Members of Ring 6 held the annual Christmas Party, an occasion for great food, great company, and great magic. Reba and Jack did a magnificent job with the food and Sue McElvenney provided stunning balloon decorations.

Marc DeSouza amazed the audience by invisibly moving cards from one person to another, and Chris Fabiano did an astounding prediction that showed why he was on Santa’s nice list.

Bill McElvenney was assisted by his grandson Alexander. In his, “I’m No David Copperfield” routine, he made the Statue of Liberty disappear. Jack Schultz performed a breathtaking card effect in which selected cards changed color and Dick Gustafson’s hilarious plumbing routine was performed with the skill of a brain surgeon.

Also performing at the event was Jim Capobianco whose randomly selected pair fit like a glove producing a wonderfully colorful chain of assistants. Last but not least, Mimi the Magnificent Szalabofka regaled the audience with her human xylophone.

Next month’s lecturer will be Chris Hannibal. For those paying their annual dues, no admission fee will be charged.

Bill McElvenney

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