February 2015

President David Storey kicked off the January meeting with the highlights of the club’s new Web site: IBMRing6.wordpress.com. David also talked about the new on-line access to The Linking Ring which gives us a fascinating insight into our own Ring 6 history.

Our guest speaker was Scott Alexander whose lecture covered a wide variety of effects with some novel presentation elements. He started with Tenkai’s Rope through Neck and moved on to a sequence of cuts and restores done in pantomime to musical accompaniment.

Scott recounted his history from his early life in Baltimore to his big break in Vegas. He performed a Cup and Ball routine with a surprising in-the-spectator’s-hands element finishing up with lemonade in the previously empty cup.

The familiar Invisible Deck trick was presented with several fascinating new elements added to it, including signing the invisible selected card and permitting the spectator not only to hold the deck but to take the entire deck home including signed card.

He demonstrated a clean Dollar Bill in Lemon presentation. The last trick was linking three wedding rings provided by volunteers with each identifying his own ring linked to the others.

Besides presenting new techniques for some well-known tricks, he discussed his cruise ship work and ways to allow what are normally thought of as close up tricks to be performed for large audiences.

David Kelly