February 2018

The night was filled with magic. This was our annual Close-up Contest.

Mort Feldman started off with an excellent “Ring and Rope” routine followed by superb coin magic. Hunter Gaul’s ancient artifacts recalled magic of yesteryear – great mentalism with first class showmanship. Joe McHugh used X Ray glasses for his “Impossible Revelation” and “Supermarket Prediction.” Reba Strong had five cards selected by the audience and produced them from a deck in impossible ways. Bill McElvenney spun a tale of culinary delights and petty larceny. The Knave of Hearts stole the tarts right out of the spectator’s clenched hands. But where could they be? They were found inside the heart balloon that another spectator had been holding the entire time. Steve Applebaum performed a remarkable coin routine. John Kostyal produced selected coins out of thin air.

The contest winners were: First Place Reba Strong, Second Place Mort Feldman, and Third Place Joe McHugh.

Next month’s meeting will be our Annual Auction.

Steve Applebaum

Picture Gallery