February 2019

The evening opened with Teach a Trick by ‘Lazarus’ (Jim Capobianco).  Cut up and mixed cards were matched without even touching them.

This was our annual Close Up Contest.  Bill McElvenney’s dice pick up bad habits from spending time with magicians.  His grandson, Alexander Hammel, asked, “Would you teach me magic?”  Pop pop was astonished when he transformed a picture of a lemon into the real thing. 

Jack Schultz matched not only the selected card but went on to produce all the cards of that value! 

Jim Capobianco used ESP to copy an image from a spectator’s mind. 

Reba Strong’s spectator had all the advantages, but she fantastically produced the correct card. 

Hunter Gaul’s Three Card Monte was eminently fair.  How could it be otherwise?  Fantastic transformations before your very eyes. 

Bob Fostok’s card stab was full of action and fraught with danger.  Not only did his assistant survive but the correct card was produced. 

John Kostyal gave a two-tiered presentation with an impossible card match.  Full of laughs and uncontrolled choices.  From coins across to his hilarious X-ray vision,

Joe McHugh wowed us with cards the changed in full view. 

Chris Fabiano from contraband to astral projection impossible magic was certainly in order. 

David Storey took up the persona of the legendary Houdini with a metamorphosis performed with coins.

The contest winners were: 1st John Kostyal, 2nd Bob Fostok and 3rd Hunter Gaul. 

Next month’s meeting will be our Annual Auction with Marc DeSouza famous for his knowledge of magic history.