January 2019

Our meeting opened up with Teach-A-Trick by Ed Schmitt.  From a borrowed deck, he was able to predict the selected card without ever having touched the deck.  In his next presentation, the a freely picked card appeared upside down in a thoroughly shuffled deck.

Tonight’s was a double lecture.  Dave Hale’s presentation of “Magic You Can Carry” featured magic that crossed the centuries – from tried and true cards, coins and ropes to the summit of today’s technology.  Opening with the selected card being produced from his cell phone,  he went on to very convincing coin magic to a spectacular rope routine.

Bill McElvenney presented – “Rope Magic is Not Just for Ropes!”.  – Amazing penetrations!  Instantaneous restorations!  He demonstrated not only classics of rope magic but how they can be modified – breaking the rules of their presentation to produce even more surprising results.  Bill also discussed elements of showmanship and shared his most powerful method of misdirection.

Next month’s meeting will be our Annual Close-up Contest.  Here’s an opportunity to flex your magic and display your own creativity before a live audience.