July 2016

Program Director Hunter Gaul told us of a New Member magic presentation in upcoming meetings. President, David Storey asked that the members RSVP him by email if they plan to attend our Restaurant Night at Bogart’s. Recording Secretary Bill McElvenney will be presenting a course in The Art of Magic at the Media Arts Center. It will last six weeks, beginning in October.

This was our annual movie night. The presentation was John Calvert, His Magic and Adventures. It certainly was a magical and adventurous life. One facet of his career would provide enough stories for the lifetime of most men. Performing magic as a young man through the golden age of magic, his charm and stage presence brought him into leading roles in Hollywood. If that weren’t adventure enough, he survived typhoons and a brush with pirates.

His magic was masterful not only in entertaining the audience, but also inspiring the greatest magicians of the century. Several members recalled meeting John Calvert when he lectured at Ring 6 some years ago, and shared their memories and photographs. He was in his nineties at the time, but still going strong, and still performing great magic with his customary charm and wit. He was a true gentleman of our profession.

Next month is our Restaurant Night. As always, there will be great food, great company, and some wonderful magic. Members are encouraged to bring partners and family members along to share in the fun.

Bill McElvenney