July 2019

Our first meeting at our new venue opened with Teach-a-Trick by our guest, John Costello, who presented Paul Cummings’ True Triumph. It was a truly masterful card trick complete with Faroes, incredible mixes and a stunning finale.

The movie was a great selection, Thank You For Supporting 80 Years of Mingus Magic. Devoted to the art of magic, this film chronicled the journey of Mingus Magic for nearly a century. From its innovative founder to its present day incarnation, this fabled brick and mortar magic shop has been a mainstay of the Reading magic community. It showed many ways they fostered new talent and promoted the magical arts with its Mini Vaudelville Theater. They audience cheered several performers, some with national reputations including Ring 6’s Reba Strong and Ed Schmitt.

Next month is our Restaurant Night at Ichiban in Springfield– an opportunity to enjoy good food and even better company. The best feature is that any member will be able to perform a routine – an excellent opportunity to try out new material before a live audience.