June 2016

This was our “Franken-trick” event, a night of teamwork, creativity, and astounding magic. Members split into four teams with a collection of ordinary objects that they were to use to put together for a presentation.

The first team started with a comedy vanishing silk and proceeded on to a very impressive cut and restored rope culminating in a very surprising “Professor’s Nightmare.” Next they presented a surprising shrunk and restored Sharpie. They finished with an impressive ribbon through volunteer’s body.

The second team asked an audience member to select a card, sign it, and return it to the deck. He wrapped the deck in paper and stabbed it with a pencil splitting the deck at that location of the signed selected card. The next presenter showed a souvenir of her birthday dinner celebration in Las Vegas, a coffee stirrer from the Bellagio cafeteria. Trying to make the memory happier, the word Bellagio was removed from the stirrer and she did a trick that was a “mirage.” They went on to having Scrunchies change color right before our eyes and finished off with a totally inexplicable ring penetration. To end, she showed a bracelet and shoelace bought by her husband for that birthday, showing that the ring would not stay on the shoelace chain.

The third team kicked off with “Chords of Fantasia” followed by an unbelievable feat of telekinesis in which coins were bent right in the spectator’s hands. Their finale was a very surprising card routine with a very funny patter and even more impressive transformations.

The fourth team started off with a fantastic bit of mentalism with a surprising finish. Next they cut and tied a rope and restored the rope in the hands of a volunteer! They followed up with a rubber band routine worthy of the X-Men.

All of the teams acquitted themselves quite well not only in their ingenious use of the objects at hand, but also in providing a coherent presentation under such challenging conditions.

Next month is movie night. The presentation is The Life and Adventures of John Calvert.

David Storey