June 2019

Chris Capehart, one of the best veteran buskers and versatile magicians, was our featured speaker for the evening.  From the moment he stepped up until the last evening’s laugh, everyone had to hold onto their seats. He is comedic, quick with his comebacks, tremendously entertaining, and very skilled at close-up and all around magic. He is truly a Master Magician, as he bills himself.

Chris bills himself as a such because he has seen it all, done it all, performed it all and said it all. In addition to his worldwide appearances, he is a regular at the Magic Castle. Chris discovered early on he did not want to work. So, he decided to become a magician. He hasn’t looked back since.

His wisdoms were plentiful. Dress the part. He did such in his dazzling full-body conjurer outfit. Do magic to entertain the audience and not to impress them with the magic trick. Keep them laughing which he himself did throughout the evening with us. And, don’t be shy. As a magician, he told us, we can ask the spectator to do anything you ask and give you anything we want all without a weapon, he likes to say.

In street magic, bring one person up and the others will follow. Street magic is hard and dangerous. You have to watch your props all the time. He learned the hard way as one time a valuable prop was stolen. But festivals, on the other hand are easy. He stopped busking but enjoys festivals very much.

Involve the audience. When speaking, they will follow what you are telling them but you must be a great liar. If they don’t know what they are looking for then they won’t see it. “That why this crap works.” Build up to a trick. Start small. A long time or even half a show can be based around one item, when done right. When working with cards, make sure you have a reason to change a deck. And, use different size card decks in the show.

Chris referenced his “The Master Magician” book which details his experienced with Street Magic. He performed card tricks, a Rubik’s cube trick, a floating table and more. He mesmerized us with his famous miser’s dream and three ring routine. Regardless of the skill level, everyone was able to walk away with something of value from his presentation tonight. Thanks to Ed Schmid for his last minute efforts to make this memorable evening possible.

Our next meeting will be Movie Night. Our new meeting location will be at the First Presbyterian Church of Springfield.  Entrance is from the lower parking lot in the back.