March 2016

Our bi-laws were amended as discussed in previous meetings. Joe McHugh gave advice on fundraising efforts.

This was the night of our annual Stage Contest. Chris Fabiano received a mysterious hat which imparted the superhuman skill of remembering the complete contents of a newly shuffled deck of cards.

Joe McHugh came bearing gifts; numbered bags bearing fabulous prizes (most of them quite whimsical) to be selected by the random roll of the dice. Surprise, surprise! The bag left for Joe was the one loaded with cash.

Steve Applebaum’s routine was filled with suspense and danger. Only one bag had a dangerous spike. The bags were mixed and smashed one by one. Steve survived this ordeal completely unscathed. Reba Strong’s routine started with a startling appearance of a cane. Her routine was filled with fast paced magic and humor.

Hunter Gaul presented a box and ropes for full examination. Ropes under full control of the spectators were magically linked inside the box. The routine was topped off with a solid ring magically penetrating onto the ropes.

The lovely Rochelle assisted Jay Derek. His empty bucket was examined by the entire audience and from this produced not the promised duck but a rubber chicken. To everyone’s surprise, it was ultimately transformed into a real live duck.

The contest winners were: First place Jay Derek, Second, Hunter Gaul, and Third, Steve Applebaum. Next month’s lecturer is Mike Hummer.

Bill McElvenney