May 2018

Hunter Gaul announced his intention to step down as our Programming Chairman. His many years of selfless service were exemplified by the truly excellent presentation given tonight.

This month’s lecturer was by David Corsaro, performing superb Close-up and Restaurant magic. From his  magnificent “Mad About You” to the inexplicable “Wild Birthday,” he presented astounding magic. His lecture covered  not only the mechanics of the effects but also the critical elements of showmanship behind them. He demonstrated how to put your own personality into the routine and making a connection with your audience and sharing the joy and wonder of magic.

He topped it off with his special insight into the marketing of magic and, dare I say, the magic of marketing; from your first show to the essential call back. He gave tips on promoting your business in the brave new world of social media.

Next month’s program is Sessions Night, an excellent opportunity to fine-tune your performance with helpful suggestions from other professionals. We will cover coins, cards, ropes, silks, and productions.

Steve Applebaum