November 2019

Tonight’s Lecture was Food For Thought on Restaurant Magic by Chris Fabiano.  Chris has long been known for his superlative mentalism but tonight he displayed the breadth and depth of his magical skill.  He revealed his techniques for navigating what could be the most challenging of performing environments.

From “Look Mom, Two Hands” to “The Houdini Ace Escape”, Chris demonstrated cards, coins and linking rings with inventiveness, dynamism and incredible misdirection.  His re-imagining of Marlo’s Oil and Water was stunning.

It didn’t stop there.  Besides in depth explanations of his effects, he went into detail about practical considerations of Restaurant Magic including pocket management, routining and coordinating with the staff.  It was a stellar presentation.

This was our election meeting:  The following officers were elected President – Steve Friedberg, Vice President – John Kostyal, Treasurer – Jim Capobianco, Recording Secretary- Jason Taylor

The December meeting will be our annual holiday party.  Great food, camaraderie and a tradition of magic.