October 2015

David Storey discussed some of the changes to our bylaws to be presented at next month’s meeting including the requirement for membership in the I.B.M. Our guest, TVP S. Patrick Toman, explained the international organization’s concerns regarding membership.

In the spirit of Halloween, Ring 6 inaugurated “Bizarre Magic Night.” Chris Fabiano wove a tale of a man who vanished without a trace. Could he reach out from beyond? A randomly selected card led to a remarkable revelation. Bill McElvenney’s “Tongue Tied” was a pantomime routine set to music. It wasn’t just rope through neck. Where did the knot go? The final revelation was certainly bizarre. Bill Manning presented “White Star,” a tale of tragedy and survival. Will the spectator’s intuition correctly predict his fate? Ryan Adamowicz explained that vampires were everywhere but who would have predicted that one could bite the selected card and drain it of blood? In David Storey’s “Voodoo Curse,” one of six stick figures drawn on a business card was selected. The cursed figure burst into flame and disappeared leaving his companions behind. In Steve Applebaum’s “Coincidental Fate,” a man tried to escape Death only to have his fate sealed in Bagdad. S. Patrick Toman reenacted a classic Viking funeral, capturing the spirit of the departed warrior.

Gerry Schiller, a guest from Ring 21 in California, gave a mini lecture on “Card Tricks for Those Who Hate Card Tricks.” This fun presentation featured card tricks easily accessible to the average magician including “The Anniversary Waltz” in which the couple’s signed cards are melded into one.

Bill McElvenney