October 2017

Chris Fabiano opened our meeting with a call for nominations for the election of next year’s officers. The nominees were Bill McElvenney for president, Reba Strong for vice president, and Sue McElvenney for treasurer.

Marc DeSouza had the honor of introducing this month’s lecturer, Marc Salem, whom he had known from their mutual interest in magic from their childhood. Mr. Salem is a renowned mentalist who has had a profound influence in the field. This presentation not only covered a wide range of techniques, but also gave very useful advice on presentation. He illustrated his presentation with astounding effects from mathematical magic to a routine with multiple book tests.

He said that in mentalism it’s all about the presentation and emphasized the value of incorporating humor in your routines. Next month’s meeting will include election of officers. In addition, the members of our core of fundraising performers will present a showcase of a selection of their routines.

Chris Fabiano