October 2018

Ed Winkens’ Teach-A-Trick effects involved cards and coins. Using a borrowed deck, Ed randomly selected two cards from the deck and matched the cards from the deck that the spectators shuffled.  The second routine was coin manipulation performed in very challenging walk-around conditions.  He taught how to “hop” quarters from one hand to another using palming techniques and the vanish of the last quarter involved any walk-around garment or table servante.

This was our Holiday Magic Night.  Santa Claus, (David Hale), did a surprising transformation into Halloween with his Pumpkin Head version of Miser’s Dream. Producing coins out of thin air, his startling finale transmuted the coins into candy.  Dave Kelly’s Gwendolyn the Duck (Jo-Anne) routine predicted a spectator’s thought-of-animal.  Outstanding magic and uproarious laughter were the order of the day.

Hunter Gaul brought us the mysteries of ancient Egypt with astounding mentalism effect with a treasure box holding a replica of the Royal King Shu-Kran, a memento of his trip to Egypt.  Each of three spectators selected a card from a shuffled deck. The Egyptian musk enhancing the spectator’s psychic ability produced perfect matches for random card selections of all three.  Shu-Kran translates to the Egyptian words of “Thank You.”

John Koystal gave a funny and magical tribute to the Addams Family portraying Brother John, Uncle Fester’s long lost cousin.  He performed a routine far more dangerous than Russian Roulette using water and hydrogen fluoride. (Don’t try this at home).   Glasses were thoroughly mixed up.  Would Brother John survive the acid test? With each glass, the tension mounted.  Brother John’s adaptation of White Russian finished with a dramatic demonstration of the hazard.

Reba Strong gave a fun-filled performance of Spider Monte.

Bill McElvenney’s Two Eyes Magic was a tale of a ghost seeking his way to the other side complete with impossible penetrations.  His presentation of Tongue Tied featured a surprising rope penetration and disappearing knot with a very unexpected reappearance.

Nomination of Officers for next month’s elections were proposed and various members accepted.

Next month’s event is our first ever Wizard Wars Competition.  This is something to really look forward to.

Steve Applebaum