September 2016

Ed Winkens brought the meeting to order. Ed Schmitt and Chris Fabiano announced upcoming event performances at Aston Library. Jim Capobianco announced our Ring 6 fundraiser, Show Magic at Halloween on Saturday October 29, which will star our “Ring 6 Magic Core” entertainers. Jim proposed making demonstration videos to help in marketing our show. Bill McElvenney invited the members to participate in Magic Week.

This was our first Session Night. Good magic became even better with the insights and advice of magi with widely varying experience. Sponge balls, cards, ropes, and mentalism were the order of the day. Angles were carefully examined, cards were dealt, ropes were cut, and silks appeared from nowhere. The Cards and Mentalism table got very ambitious but that was certainly to be expected. New takes on classic effects were presented.

It’s safe to say that this warm collegiality made us all more skilled and entertaining magicians.

Hunter Gaul announced next month’s event, New Member Magic, a chance for new members to show their own personal touch to the art of magic.

Bill McElvenney