September 2018

Congratulations to our own Joe Tabasco for having won the Originality category in this year’s MAES convention. Bob Little  demonstrated a mind-boggling effect of the Twin Dice Towers effect. A spectator’s randomly placed stack of die, one at a time, into a rectangular cuboid matches perfectly the magician’s randomly placed stack of dice, also one at a time.

Eric Stevens was the guest speaker. He is a multi-award-winning professional magician based out of Los Angeles, California. His presentation was not limited to cards and coins but included  remarkable insights into the performance of magic. His perspective and tips on the 3-Card Monte were presented. He presented other close-up, walk-around and parlor tips and effects. His Split-Second Marvel made a stunning match to a completely random selection. Finally, he demonstrated The Wall, a clever gaff to cleanly predict almost anything an audience member can think of.

Next month’s meeting will have our nomination of officers. Our featured event is the Holiday Magic Show and Tell – featuring the ingenious creations that our members are famous for.

Steve Applebaum