September 2019

Congratulations to our own Reba Strong for having won the General Magic category in this year’s MAES convention.

Tonight was the first lecture in our new home and what a barn buster it was.  Cards, Coins and Rubics Cubes – famed magician, creator and magic consultant, Francis Menotti gave an absolutely riveting Shuffles & Scripts lecture.  He went into detail on magical effects he invented.  Francis taught new sleights, finesses on old ones.  He regaled the crowd with his experiences from being a Penn and Teller Fooler to his creative consulting work in television and theater.  He explored theories of showmanship in the dynamic of encouraging skepticism to getting the audience on your side.  He performed and explained his Penn and Teller Fooling effect, Wordsmyth. 

Next month’s meeting will have our nomination of officers.  Our featured lecturer is Alain Nu, “The Man Who Knows”