Board Meeting Minutes – January 2014


(Wednesday, January 24, 2014 Bogart’s Bar and Grill)

Attendees:  Hunter Gaul,  Reba Strong, David Storey, Ryan Adamowicz, Steve Friedberg (Guest)

• Jim Straub Donation Letter:  A copy of the club’s January 13th  letter sent to Mrs. Patricia Straub containing a check for $100. was shared with the board.  The letter accompanied the sympathy card collectively signed by club members and kindly forwarded to Mrs. Straub by Jim Capobianco, our Committee of Concern Chairman.

• Ryan Adamowicz :   The board welcomed Ryan Adamowicz as the new Chairman of the Stage Management Committee.  Ryan’s experience handling sound and lighting equipment makes him a valuable addition to our team.  Ryan will develop a written inventory of our equipment and    supervise the use of our equipment  as required for meetings and shows.  Members interested in assisting Ryan on the committee should let him know (ph: 267-280-2930 e-mail: ).

• New Officer Alert for 2015:  According to current Ring #6, DVCC  bylaws,  the president (Hunter Gaul) and recording secretary (Dave Kelly) have served the maximum consecutive yearly terms permitted (four years); and therefore, the club needs to be thinking of worthy candidates to fill these positions.  Nominations will not take place until October 2014; however, it is important that members now be aware of need to consider potential candidates.

• Membership Growth Strategies:  The board discussed various strategies which might be investigated to attract not only new members but also younger members.   Suggestions included encouraging  local  high schools to start “Magic Clubs,”  offering interested students a guest pass to attend one of our  meetings,  developing  “ IBM Ring #6, DVCC business cards” which members could offer  people  who might like to visit , and the creation of an IBM Ring #6 “performance video” suitable for publication on YouTube.  It was agreed that further discussion among our general membership would be useful in firming up practical approaches to the problem.

• Program Suggestions for 2014:  A tentative program schedule has been established for the balance of the year which includes traditional events (contests, auction, lectures, Restaurant Night, and Holiday Party); however, specific suggestions were needed to fill out programs for the months of June, October, and November.  The board determined that June will  feature “Round Robin Teach a Trick,” October will be an “Invitational Dealer Demo,” and November will be “Gaff Night” – a meeting devoted to the demonstration and explanation of various gaffed coins, cards, ropes, and other pieces of magical paraphernalia.

• The Paul Rooney Collection: Since our January meeting, it came to light that Steve Friedberg  had been a long time friend of Paul Rooney and provides much insight into Paul Rooney’s life and significance in the magic community.  Steve, David Storey, and Hunter Gaul transported Paul’s fabulous collection of books and equipment (approximately 12 – 15 large boxes) to David Storey’s home where it is presently being catalogued in preparation for its proper disposition.  David (our treasurer as well as Chairman of the Estate Sale Committee) will be seeking  assistance from members willing to participate in the future disposition of the collection.  David can be reached at ph: 484-222-9095 e-mail:

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