August 2013

Jeff Carson did some real magic to make tonight’s meeting possible: He set up our dinner meeting at Bogart’s, a restaurant & bar across the street from our normal meeting place. The magic was the fact that we enjoyed a nice buffet dinner, soft drinks, and tip for only $15 each!

After our meal, we were able to purchase copies of the new Ring #6 magic DVD, full of great routines and explanations. President Hunter Gaul announced that our fundraising show date is Saturday, November 16th. Details are being worked out by member Seuss Metiver. The post-dinner magic covered many areas. Hunter Gaul did a nice routine with the little seen Chinese Egg Bag. The egg vanished and reappeared, then turned into a lemon. Most of us had never seen this old classic. Al Angello did a remarkable rope routine creating loops, then separating the loops! He called it the Mexican Rope Trick. Sue McElvenney did a card selection involving a mentally selected number with a reveal. Dick Gustafson stunned with an amazing card effect: He asked four different volunteers to “peek” at a card in a deck bound up by a rubber band. He then asked them to stand, and sit after he named the four cards. It looked like he missed the last selection, but then revealed a jumbo card inside three envelopes with the final choice.

Bill McElvenney showed a glass of black motor oil in a drinking glass, covered it with a hankie, and transformed the oil into drinkable water. Master card man Steve Friedberg showed how card cheats can use the sense of touch to know the face of several cards. His reveal of selected cards amazed us all. Silly Reba started with a talking tennis ball. No, really, a talking tennis ball!  She then had a quick book prediction, and finished with wand through scarf.

Jim Capobianco got mental on us, and talked about a premonition he had had. Cards inside of envelopes revealed the selected cards. Jeff Carson showed how he can make magic fun: He did a card effect with jumbo cards and a volunteer. He mixed the cards, let the volunteer select cards, but Jeff always wound up with a winning hand. He finished with the vanish of a 50 cent piece that reappeared inside a nest of boxes that were in sight the whole time.

Thanks to all for a great desert of magic!


DAVE KELLY, Recording Secretary

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