December 2009

Our December holiday show was a group effort. Program director Richie B put together an all-star cast show that moved quickly. Reba Strong coordinated all of the refreshments, providing desserts, finger-foods and soft drinks. Family and friends came as our guests. After about 45 minute of food and friendship, we began the show.

Professor Rem, Jerry Reminicki was the most masterful MC for the night. Ed Schmitt opened with a very funny routine about a witch, a princess, and a magic necklace. It was very visual and funny magic. John Michael changed pace with a more serious mental “experiment” involving volunteers shuffling cards, making random selections, and Joe showing them that he had the matching prediction cards in his pocket. Very clean, clear, and amazing!

Fred Siegel and Eric Van Wee, performing as “The Great Magician,” had us in stitches with his comedy routine that demonstrated that he was indeed the Great Magician. Both Fred and Eric regularly perform on the professional circuit.

Richie B closed out the night with a production of a full bottle of wine from a balloon that he blew up for us. He then did a routine with a borrowed ring and some amazing magical machines that dematerialized the ring before he finally restored it.


DAVE KELLY, Recording Secretary

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