December 2010

Many hands worked to create a great Holiday Magic show and party at our December meeting. Reba Strong coordinated all of the food and refreshments, contacting the membership to bring in the goodies. She also supervised all of the disbursing of the treats. Program director Richie B arranged for a nice program of performances by members.

Members and guests enjoyed a night of fun and magic when the show began. Professor Rem acted as the genial Master of Ceremonies, and kept the show moving along. Ed Scmitt opened with his wonderful silk production act, where he literally winds up with silks covering a young audience volunteer. New member “Ari” did a clever variation of the Professor’s Nightmare that fooled us all with its new twists.

Bill and Sue McElveney did a two-person Miser’s Dream, with Sue catching the coins that Bill produced from the air. Sue shared her long Christmas wish list, and they both pulled tiny lights out of the air and dropped them into a bag. When Sue opened the bag,  the lights vanished and became a beautiful necklace. A nice job of creating a Christmas routine, Bill and Sue!

Steve Black did a masterful and funny Four-Ring routine with an audiencee volunteer. I especially liked how he finished with the volunteer doing the last bit of linking before all four rings linked.  Steve shared his favorite trick – the Egg Bag. That little egg appeared and disappeared from the bag while in the hands of another volunteer.

Doctor Mystic ran a game show where four volunteers played “Nasty Santa,” selecting from one of five large envelopes with various prizes listed on them. The Doctor wound up with the winning $50 prize, but each volunteer walked away with a five dollar bill.

Dave Hale had someone draw a picture of a radio on an index card, and the picture actually played music. He also used the “Force” of Star Wars to make Luke Skywalker’s pistol float into the air behind a scarf.

Peter Pitchford gifted us with a wonderful routine of beautiful manipulation in his skilled hands. He began with a simple bic pen that shrank, grew, vanished, then multiplied into two handfuls of bic pens. He had a masterful mental act with a deck of cards that three members of the audience peeked into. Peter then named the cards from the stage. He finished by taking off his name tag, which then multiplied into a deck of name tags. The tags appeared and disappeared at his will. We rewarded him with a standing ovation.

Thanks to all for a great way to get into a magical holiday spirit.


DAVE KELLY, Recording Secretary

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