December 2011

Reba Strong coordinated all of the dining details for the Ring 6 Holiday Party and Show. “Silly Reba” made sure that club members brought enough finger foods and desserts to serve about 80 members and guests. A packed house then sat back to enjoy a nice evening of magic.

President Hunter Gaul started the magic with what he called a Santa Trick: Hunter pulled a large coin from a candle flame, then had a young helper from the audience hold the coin in a large hankie. The coin vanished and then reappeared inside locked box that was in a nest of boxes. He also told a tale of seeing Santa in his home, and showed the beautiful painting of the event that he created.

Al Angelo used Gus the Super Chicken to help him find a selected playing card when a deck of cards cascaded up from a large container of Fried Chicken. Funny, but you really had to see it happen!

Guest performer Sam Sandler was hysterical with a group of children that he had assist him. He did the funniest routine with silks and a simple change bag that was fast-paced and perfectly timed. He made the most of every visual gag he could. He also made a balloon animal, but with lots of professional comedy timing. The guy is a true pro!

(Doctor) Steve Applebaum told a story about the last deck of cards used by Houdini during his last performance in 1926. A volunteer selected a card, and then Steve had him read a newspaper article printed in 1926, and the card was the same one in the article.

Dick Gustafson again showed why he has been one of America’s favorite magicians for decades. He tore up two pieces of paper, one red and one white. He balled them up, then unfolded a Santa hat! Dick then did a DeKolta billiard ball routine that had his always smooth story line and even smoother, simple movements. The large white billiard balls appeared and vanished at will. Dick did a funny a Six Card repeat routine, and ended with a card fountain with the remaining cards.

Marc DeSouza and son Eric showed us a new can of “Universal Paint” that he allegedly bought at a Home Depot. The can was empty. As Marc read from a poetic book about penguins, Erik pulled out silk scarves from the paint can that matched with the poem. A fully thought out use of the prop and a unique children’s book.

For a finale, Sam Sandler had music playing while he did a series of silk productions, balloon color changes, dove productions and vanishes. A great way to end the show, coordinated by Mike Miller.


DAVE KELLY, Recording Secretary

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