February 2008

We took care of nominations for club president before starting tonight’s lecture by visiting pro John Luka. John’s gentle evening of magic amazed us, and was very well organized to maximize the learning. John’s approach was to perform several effects, then he broke it down into simple components so that we could all learn the main points.

John began with his version of John Kennedy’s amazing shrinking deck. First he took a regular deck from a card box, then the box shrunk!  Then the cards shrunk! Then they got large again. He combined it with a card reveal. All very simple to do.

Next was Michigan Monte, done with four large, ungimmicked cards. An Ace kept jumping to the table, and finally the three blank cards turned into Aces! Another card effect had a signed card vanish from the deck and appear in his pocket. He even repeated the effect and still fooled us!

In a break from cards, he showed three differently colored balls, which vanished one at a time from his hands. Then he vanished all of them at once.

Another card effect used a Z Fold wallet very effectively to produce the climax.

John’s notes and book sold well at the break. He gave us a full evening of great learning of new magic.


DAVE KELLY, Recording Secretary

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