January 2008

Vice President Ralph Armstrong presided over tonight’s big event: Our annual club auction. Marc DeSouza acted served as Master Auctioneer and historian of effects. Thanks to Marc, everyone knew the effect that they were bidding on, as well as many of the possible uses for every prop. He also has a copy of just about every book or set of lecture notes that came up for sale. We had some spirited bidding on some classic, including a Copenitro Effect that was sold by the old Kanter’s Magic Shop in Philadelphia over 40 years ago. There was also a first edition of Tommy Wonder’s Book of Wonder, Volume 1, that went for $45.

I was busy as acting banker for the night, and keeping track of the amounts prevented me from fully enjoying Marc DeSouza’s clever explanations and masterful skills as the auctioneer.

Marc started the bidding action at 8 pm, and went non-stop until 10:30. It was a fast paced night, where many of us picked up some great bargains, and many unloaded our great bargains on others who could use them.

Next month we will hold nominations for president, as Forrest Chapman had to resign due to family and course work commitments.


DAVE KELLY, Recording Secretary

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