January 2009

Magic by Rocco! What a way to begin the new year!  We hosted world-famous magician and magical innovator Rocco Silvano for our first meeting of the year. He drew a full house of members and guests, and treated us all to a great night of magical performance, theory, and teaching.

Even though few of us will be able to perfect Rocco’s effortless sleeving techniques, he made it clear that his magic is due to a lot of thought and rehearsal. Rocco explained that he was a student of the great Tony Slydini, and applied much of Slydini’s theories about performance to his own style of magic. Rocco explained that Slydini’s magic suited his mannerisms exactly, and each magician needs to think about what is natural for him or her, and utilize the ideas behind the sleights. Every casual move that Rocco makes is calculated to create the most amazing magic.

That said, Rocco entertained us by producing water from ice in his bare hands, milk in an empty wine glass, and an ice cream popsicle! Sticks of gum multiplied, and cigarettes appeared at his will. In between effortless segments of his wonderful magic, he explained how he uses his sleeves to produce the magic, along with many subtle hints to make the magic work. Rocco produced and vanished items in his bare hands. Even after he showed his techniques, he continued to fool us with more productions and vanishes.

His card productions, although using sleeving to start, are pure sleight of hand.

After the break, Rocco performed and explained his Miser’s Dream, with all of the subtleties to produce a shower of silver coins from the air. He performed and taught Slydini’s Torn and Restored Newspaper – something which very few of us had ever seen. So beautiful in his hands!

And what would a night with Rocco be without some attention given to the famous Rocco D Lite effects. He explained how to get the most from these clever devices. For those who wanted to really learn Rocco’s routines, he had several of his instructional DVDs and booklets for sale. And they sold well. A great night by a talented magician.


DAVE KELLY, Recording Secretary

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