January 2013

Before our lecture, member Steve Friedberg shared his recent experience of getting the chance to perform at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Steve was thrilled to be doing magic in the rooms where so many magic legends have performed. Al Angelo invited all members to visit the Ring #6 Facebook Page. Al set it up and runs it for the benefit of all members of our local.

Nathan Kranzo, tonight’s lecturer, had us all in the palms of his skillful hands before he even began to perform and teach. His buoyant and friendly manner demonstrated one of his teaching points – that is – make the audience like you and want you to succeed. He did so on both counts. Nathan began with “Coin Workout” where he produced three silver dollars from the air, vanished and made them appear in a dazzling display of pure magic. He saved tipping the moves until the second half of the evening.

“VooDoo Card” came next: A wonderful effect using playing cards and a business card. After a card is selected and signed, it’s returned to the card box. Then Nathan explained how Voodoo can be used. He had the spectator bend the business card, then bend it again. When Nathan opened up the card box and dumped the deck onto a table, one card was now folded!  Then he burned the edge of the playing card. When the volunteer opened up the business card, it too was burned!  Easy to do. The basic move needed is the Mercury Card Fold.

Nathan then did several effects with a deck that most of us have never seen: The MeneTekel deck. Some dynamite magic came from the use of this old-time gaffed deck. He also explained that some of the decks use rough and smooth, and some the Svengali principle. The no-palming possibilities with the deck are endless. Another old effect was UF Grant’s “Tru Test” mental magic for magazines. Nathan has the rights to produce the gimmick that fits regular news magazines. And the mental book test effect it makes possible was phenomenal.  He sold many at the break.

The “Spook Cut” deck also was an oldie that he also had for sale. It is a spirit deck that cuts to the volunteer’s selected card on its own, in the spectator’s hands!  Or, it can be used for a rising card effect. In “No Smoking” a cigarette in the mouth instantly changes into a pack of gum. Finally, he showed us an easy to make Card Stab using another old magic principle.

In all, a great night of learning and fun thanks to Nathan Kranzo (and our program director, Jeff Carson).


DAVE KELLY, Recording Secretary

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