June 2009

Bob Fitch! For three hours!  Yes, we welcomed energetic, affable, and magical Bob Fitch. He is a performer, actor, dancer, magician, and Bob presented an evening devoted to making us more thoughtful about our magic and the entertainment that we all want to create. Bob began by urging us to make our magic our own. Magic is more than a bunch of moves. Bob believes that pure magic is “Simply simple.”

Bob next touched on how we speak in public. The audience forms much of its impression of us by how we speak. He advised us to practice speaking well whenever performing.

He gave examples of movement on stage, and how it can make a performance more effective. The mind sees things that aren’t there, and this is necessary for the magic to happen for an audience.

Bob has worked as a coach and advisor to many well-know professional magicians, including Jeff McBride. Bob gave us examples of how important it is to make and use written lists to get ready for a show, and to keep track of things when performing.

Another bit of advice. Use first person in patter, and talk to the audience, not at it! Take a breath before you speak, and be sure that all phrases are enunciated. Stand still when speaking during a performance. And be aware of current American speech patters, where most of us have a tendency to drop off our phrases.

He performed several amazing routines, including a terrific coin routine that started with a bare-handed production, and effortlessly vanished. He did his version of the Anderson newspaper tear, with a few simple presentation tips that I will be using!

Bob had two of his booklets and several DVDs for sale, and members snapped them up at the break.

Bob Fitch shared years of performing and thinking about magic with us. A highly recommended visitor to any club. Thanks, Bob, for a great night of magic.


DAVE KELLY, Recording Secretary

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