June 2010

Program chairman Richie B set up a great night of mental magic for our June meeting. Prez Hunter Gaul started off with several card revelations. First, a volunteer selected a card from a face down deck spread on a table top. Hunter was able to ALMOST divine the card – he determined the right value, but called for a spade instead of a club. It was an example of the “inexactness” of reading a person’s thoughts. He then dazzled by having seven different folks each select a card, which he successfully named without seeing the faces or touching the cards. Afterwards, Hunter revealed that most of what he did was based on the Si Stebbens card set-up, and he had printed directions for everyone who wants to duplicate the feats he did.

Steve Applebaum first had three different folks call out a single-digit number. He had a business card in his hand, and when all numbers were called out, Steve showed us that he had already thought of that number and it was written on the back of the card!  later he revealed how to effectively use a gimmick called a Swami Writer, and discussed the different types available on the market. He then had a book test for us. He first asked for three different volunteers to write down a different three digit number. Steve then totaled the numbers. Using several different volunteers, a book was chosen from three he offered, and asked another volunteer to go to that page in the book. He revealed a thought of word on a whiteboard. Steve said that the effect was by Max Maven, called “Auto.” Very commercial and effective.

Jim Capobianco showed a fan of jumbo cards, spread them on the table, and had one selected by an audience member who showed the face to us. Jim asked the voluteer to touch a blank piece of paper to the face of this card to form a “mental impression.” Jim then burned the paper, and rubbed the ashes onto his forearm. The face of the chosen card appeared!  Jim explained all of the subtleties of the effect, down to using aluminum foil to burn the paper on, since many places no longer provide ash trays!

Richie B told us how his wife is a firm believer in Psychics, and how he has made a study of the subject. He used a souped-up version of Mental Epic, along with some great musical sound effects while people made mental selections of colors and letters, and the name of a favorite TV show. He claimed that he could tell something about each person by looking at their faces, making no claims to any psychic powers. His light approach made it a wonderful piece of magic and entertainment.

Jeff Carson said that he takes a light approach to magic, making it fun, not mysterious. To set up his effects, he began by talking about choice and chance in life. He said that playing cards represent the chance in life. He had a volunteer drop cards from a deck onto his table, and when the spectator stopped, Jeff covered the pile with a large manila envelope Jeff opened the envelope to reveal a large card that matched the card that was on top of the pile!  Easy to do, and very entertaining when done the way that he does it. He then had four smaller envelopes numbered one to four. He asked volunteers to select an envelope. Of course, he was left with the envelope containing a $100 bill! He shared a Richard Block card routine involving 9 cards from a deck. His final effect was a dictionary book test, where volunteers selected random numbers, and Jeff used a palindrome of the selected word selected from a “shuffled” deck of alphabet cards. Jeff gave full credit to originators of each effect, and where to find them in print.

It was up to each performer whether they wished to simply entertain or to teach and reveal the methods. Tonight, every method was revealed, and we all had a great night of learning.


DAVE KELLY, Recording Secretary

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