March 2009

At the business portion of the meeting, we finalized plans for our annual fund-raiser, this year to be held at a new location in Ardmore. The show will be April 4th, and over a dozen members will perform either on stage or close-up.

Then the fun began. Master magician, magic historian, and auctioneer extraordinaire Marc DeSouza insured that our annual auction was full of learning and bargains, and was profitable for those who sold their items. Any time a true collector’s item came up, Marc told the members what the item was selling for on national auctions or on E Bay. For instance, an original Doug Henning “Magic Show” poster went for close to its current retail value.

Some of the items that changed hands included vintage metal finger choppers, a Fakini Diminishing Golf Ball, and a large Inside Out Box with a surprise Chinese climax.

A two volume set of Tommy Wonder’s “Book of Wonders” went for only $50! A real oldie, “Kanter’s Magic Catalogue” from the long-gone Philadelphia magic emporium also attracted a lot of interest. There was also a lot of about 20 wooden coin boxes made in Occupied Japan that attracted a lot of interest.

We bid on magazine collections, vintage books, and newer DVDs. A metal Wonderbox and a mint-condition Clatterbox both sold for close to retail prices. Two different magic tables went for bargain-basement prices.

Marc went non-stop for over two and a half hours. Even the magicians who did not bid learned a lot about some arcane magic props because Marc could explain the workings and history of every item he put up for bid.

A great night of bargains and learning.


DAVE KELLY, Recording Secretary

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