May 2010

Peter Pitchford returned to Ring #6, his first magic club, to entertain and inform us about his magic. He began with part of his beautiful manipulation act, where balloons turned into billiard balls, these balls changed color, vanished and reappeared, then turned into playing cards.

After this wonderful exhibition of pure magic, Peter told us that the stage he was using was where he did his first stage performance! Peter acknowledged the advice he got from master magic coach, Bob Fitch. Peter said that magic is created by the magician, when amazement happens in the minds of the audience. His view is, “Don’t do magic, be magic!”

Peter explained how he created his magical character of the Magical Klutz. The magic that happens appears to surprise even him during a performance. Also, he does an inner monologue when he performs his award-winning act, “Midnight at the Magic Museum.” He also tries to capitalize on the emotions of an audience. He also demonstrated the large part played by music during his silent routine, creating a magical atmosphere.

He then performed and explained how he created routines for standard props such as Bounce-No-Bounce Balls, a Mesh Egg Bag, and the Topic gimmick. His wonderful
“Mort” act involves sleights with a seemingly innocent ball point pen. His DVDs and gimmicks sold well at evening’s end.


DAVE KELLY, Recording Secretary

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