May 2011

We welcomed John Born for a lecture tonight. Beyond teaching sleights and routines, this dynamic young magician shared his outlook on the psychology behind entertaining an audience.

John opened with a great Four Coin Matrix effect called Shadow Coins. The large copper coins invisibly moved across a close-up mat, and then changed into silver coins. After he vanished the coins, they reappeared inside a small coin purse that he had earlier put on the mat. John explained that he uses a large, firm mat on stage when he has a camera zoom in on his magic. He talked about how he prepares the audience for each phase of the routine. He also keeps his shirt sleeves neat by using rubber bands on them.

John produced four aces from a shuffled deck, then revealed silver coins under each of the coins on the table! When he did a classic effect from Greater Magic, “Prize Winner,” he later explained how he directs attention to different people during the routine. He also recaps the steps when he finishes the effect, planting ideas in the memories of the spectators. I especially liked his “Any Card, Any Number” effect, which would be great for any audience. He used a variation of an old Al Baker effect. A great night of magical thinking and performing by John Born.

Upcoming meetings will outline plans for our new public show/fund raiser in the fall.


DAVE KELLY, Recording Secretary

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