May 2013

When a performer becomes by one name, it usually is a sign that he has made his mark. Daryl shared his years of magic experience, and proved that he has earned the right to use one name: Daryl!

He titled his lecture 4FXII, and kept us entertained and informed for two and a half hours. His effects are practical, mostly, angle-proof, easy to reset, and can be used in many types of performance.  A full recap of the night would be staggering to write. Some of the very visual magic included an impromptu method of Ropes through Body, card magic utilizing the Flush-tration count – his “Odd Quad.” His version of Three to One Ropes took on the Professor’s Nightmare and made it into a whole new piece of magic. Daryl shared subtleties for every effect, and the thinking to make the magic more dynamic and entertaining.

A Cup and Ball with rolled up dollar bills and cheap plastic cups gave us all a piece of impromptu magic that we can all have ready anywhere, any time.

Throughout the night, Daryl’s personality and take on some of the stereotypes of magicians had us all laughing. At the break his DVDs, notes, and props sold briskly.

I had been told that Daryl is a magician’s magician. After tonight, I am a believer. A great night by an engaging magician!


DAVE KELLY, Recording Secretary

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