May 2014

Magic on stage tonight!  Six hardy magi competed for the 2014 title of Ring # 6 Stage Performer champion. With performance order decided by lot, the event kept all members busy enjoying a great night of magic.

The Amazing Pon (Aurelio Pontarelli) had an audience volunteer select a playing card for his effect. During his comedy routine, each time Pon needed a new prop, his lovely wife Mary brought it onstage, along with some comical responses. Using a small flute and tiny snake in a basket, Pon was able to reveal the chosen card.

Jack Schultz attempted a number trick where he asked for a variety of numbers to be called out from the audience. Jack totaled the sums, and attempted to show his prediction. Alas, the miracle did not happen, but Jack left the stage to applause and welcome laughs. Reba Strong was up next, and told how she always loved the circus. She had two boxes of Crackerjacks, with magic inside of them instead of the popcorn treats! She showed us several pieces of magic with ropes, and that’s “knot” an exaggeration! She had lots of puns and fun with her magic. She finished with a large piece of rope that became a giant Square Knot.

Ari Paul Felber appeared in a sports coat and stylish hat. He had an “amazing” 5 card repeat, where he told us of the “first” time he ever did the trick. Several first times, in fact. At the end, he had a 9 card count! Ari then did a book test where he asked a volunteer to flip through a book and merely think of one of the words on the page. Ari revealed the word on a large pad of paper. He finished with a very professional card selection – he said not a word, but had a series of cue cards that a member of the audience read out – including a card selection from a deck. The final cue card had an envelope on it, and of course inside the envelope was the card.

Calvin Tan had music to accompany his magic – a stand-up routine of pure magic of the hands. Calvin produced small CD discs from nowhere!  It had the hallmarks of a card manipulation routine, but with CDs that multiplied, vanished, and grew larger. Calvin has a relaxed, inviting stage presence that helped to sell the magic and his own personality.

Ryan Adamowicz brought 4 linking rings on stage, and did an original routine. Some of the rings linked in mid-air, and some linked after he bounced them off the floor. He made a “mistake” halfway through, and then moved through the linking flawlessly.

Performances completed, we all voted for our top three performers. In a short time, president Hunter Gaul announced our contest winners.

Ryan Adamowicz took third place (and $50 cash prize). Ari Paul Felber  was runner-up (with a $75 prize), and Calvin Tan became our 2104 Stage Champion, taking the $100 first place prize.


DAVE KELLY, Recording Secretary

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