November 2008

First, apologies to Joshua Jay, our lecturer at the September meeting. I misidentified him as Jonathon Jay.  It’s what happens when someone tries to do his own proof reading!  By the way, I just purchased JOSHUA JAY’s new magic book with DVD, and am thoroughly enjoying his approach to magic.

Tonight we entertained each other. First up were the introductory performances by recently joined members. Joe Muoio began with an Aldo Colombini rope effect where a knot moved to different spots on a rope, change to a red knot, and then when Joe unknotted the rope, there was a short red segment on it. Kevin Joyce had a card selected, and under ultraviolet light showed that he had the selection tattooed on his arm. Greg Spaziani did two card effects and finished with several very nice card flourishes. A member from many years ago, Charles Murter did a clean and surprising Cups and Balls routine. Thanks to these brave new members.

Next president Hunter Gaul called on members to share a favorite trick with the club. Tipping the methods was up to each performer. Ari Felber started off by mixing up a deck of cards, and having a volunteer select one. The deck corrected itself, except for the selected card which was face up. Steve Friedberg showed his expertise with a small pack of cards: Half red faces and half black faces. Without any moves (that I could see) the cards rearranged themselves into alternating colors, then back into packs of like colors. Dave Kelly shared his homemade magic coloring book. The uncolored pages changed into fully colored pages. Dave made it from a regular book, and even did the coloring by hand!

Pro Ron Geoffries did a magician versus gambler card routine, where he cut to called-for cards. Richie B amazed us with a no-gimmick Copper Silver coin routine. He was smooth, no “funny” moves, and uses this in his professional gigs. Richie then taught the method, which was especially well thought-out. Silly Reba (Strong) had a volunteer select a card, then placed it into the deck. Eventually the card appeared between two face up cards. Reba showed how she uses this in walk-around, and is ready to instantly repeat.

Vice president Ralph Armstrong had a funny story with a packet trick involving Dracula, the Wolfman, and a masked duck!  The principal was a McDonald’s Four Aces trick, with a story that Ralph tailored to the Halloween season. Mort Feldman had a set of mini CDs that changed into colors, then back into regular CDs, a la the old Color Changing Records effect.

Last up was George Hample. He showed us a dollar store deck of cards. Turns out the reason that the deck was only a dollar was that all of the backs were different!  George then had a two cards selected, and showed that they matched the two cards in a small envelope on the table. Then George proceeded to knock us all over with his version not the Dai Vernon Three Ball and Net trick. Very cleanly, each of the three balls vanished from his right hand, and reappeared in his left, and he then dropped it into the net. George repeated the effect, and we still couldn’t catch the method. THEN, he started to do the effect a third time, but instead all three balls vanished!  Amazing stuff. George only uses three balls, and has given a lot of thought to making it a clean, amazing routine. He then taught the basic moves, and gave us lots to think about.

It was a great night of shared magic. In December we’ll have our Christmas party and show.


DAVE KELLY, Recording Secretary

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