November 2009

During the business meeting, President Hunter Gaul presented a special award to long-time treasurer Bob Jensen. Bob has served continuously for 30 years!  Hunter also presented Bob with a restaurant gift certificate.

Program chairman Richie Baccare put together a great workshop night tonight: Topic was sound systems for magicians. Richie along with two other members shared practical tips on purchasing sound systems, remote controllers and use of music in magic shows.

Richie B explained how he began by using a simple CD boom box with an infra-red controller. He could stop and start the music, and that was about it. He then graduated to a microphone and system. He now uses an ipod music player with a wireless controller (iJet controller), along with an small Anchor amplifier. Richie showed how he mixes the music tracks, and controls them during his show. He carries the controller on his belt, and it is not noticeable when he performs. He emphasized how the music adds to the magic mood when he performs.

Richie also uses a MIPRO amplifier with a built-in wireless receiver, even for house parties.

Ed Schmitt came up next, and he did his opening number for us. An announcer introduced Ed and he went into his hilarious routine. Ed uses a Virtual Sound Man that has a mini-disk for the music. Ed said that this Sound Man System is no longer made. Ed likes the mini-disk player because he can have several different shows on it, and it is very easy to record from almost any music player.

Ed also recommended Magic Enhancers for a customized CD with introductions and royalty-free music. Ed also has warmup music play before he goes on. He showed us several CDs with royalty-free music.

Finally, Taddo demonstrated his gear. Tad also recommended Magic Enhancers for show music. Tad uses an MP3 Tech system that can be plugged in or run on battery power. He has what he calls volunteer music for whenever he brings up audience helpers, or when an effect is complete. Tad likes the MP3 Tech because it stores the music on a SIM card, and he has many different shows on the single card. Tad uses a Freedom Speaker for many shows, even in school auditorium. He also uses a Country Man microphone that is nearly invisible.

Mike Miller added that music is also good in the background for both serious and mental effects.

Tonight was a great night for everyone to learn and see a lot of different ways to accent our magic performances.


DAVE KELLY, Recording Secretary

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