October 2011

Because of scheduling conflicts Dave Hale has announced that our fundraiser show has been moved to March. Details will follow.

Dan Fleshman visited us tonight and kept us spellbound by sharing his experience as a successful restaurant magician and much of the commercial magic effects that he uses. Dan began with a general overview of magic in general, with the advice of leaving the audience wanting more. He wants the audience to remember him, not just the magic he does.

Dan carries two of every prop with him in case something breaks he can continue performing around a room. He kept reminding himself that he actually gets paid to do what he loves to do!

First effect was Jigger and Olive. This very commercial emagic has the punch of a Chop Cup with a prop that fits right in at a restaurant or bar. And when he finishes the trick, he is already set to go to the next table.  He did a twist on the cigarette through quarter, using a crayon instead. Many of us will be searching for our gimmicks to do this version.

Dan also explained how he approaches a table, and watches for signals to approach other tables. He does not depend on tips from customers, but shows gratitude whenever any tip is offered. He spends about 8 to 10 minutes at a table.

His version of Professor’s Nightmare uses very thick ropes, and several twists that he has borrowed from other pros. His Ring on Rope plays well for large and small groups. Using a small set of four Chinese Rings, his version of the Ninja Ring routine had us all fooled.

The finish of the night was by itself a truly grand finale. Dan did his finger-flinging with a deck of cards, and showed how he can fool even the best of them. He went from one effect to another, changing a selected card to another, pulling out four aces, and about six other magical productions. And the best came last – his dynamic Cups and Balls routine. He produced five baseballs under the three cups for the finale!


DAVE KELLY, Recording Secretary

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