September 2008

Many of us gathered at the Hibachi Japanese restaurant for the August dinner meeting. After the entertaining meal, many of us shared magic with the crowd there. Always a nice night out.

For our September meeting, we welcomed Jonathon Jay to lecture. Young, dynamic, and especially patient, Jonathon presented us with a great night of magic, entertainment, and learning. Lots of his ideas also appear in Magic Magazine. Jonathon began by giving us his outlook on performing and creating magic. He said that methods are important, but so is using tricks as stories. He then spent the rest of the night proving this to us inĀ  most entertaining ways. He was especially patient in answering all questions, and gave clear, simple explanations as he tipped methods.

First up was his Charming Chinese Challenge, where 3 old-style Chinese coins penetrated off a cord, and then went back onto the cord. It involved a gaff, but the handling was very clean. He said that he likes it because it has a different plot than most coin effects, and plays well in stand up as well as walk-around. His Fusion Card effect used simple gimmicks, can easily be gotten by anyone, and leaves an amazing signed souvenir to the spectators.

I really liked his Vegas Six Card Repeat. Jonathon used special cards (that he had on sale) to put a great new twist on a very old effect. The six credit cards fit into an ordinary wallet, and each time Jonathon counted the cards, money, playing cards, and hotel cards appeared. Very clean magic!

Another effect involved a card trick done for a blind spectator. Simple magic with a great story!

His DVDs and packets sold well. A great night for all Ring Six members.


DAVE KELLY, Recording Secretary

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